Monday, December 10, 2012

Matt & Anna

During the summer, I had the honor of hosting an engagement party for my dear friends, Matt and Anna. This is one awesome couple, and what better way to show that than with an uber cool type driven invitation. Arrows, banners, and texture (which you will soon see is my most favorite medium to design with) accent the eclectic, mix and match typography. The invitations were just the beginning... the party had everything from corn-hole to fringe banners (it was pin worthy people!). Bless my mother-in-law, she was such a help making every little detail come to life. My mom made killer pulled pork sandwiches (I'm not the greatest cook..) and we had the groom and brides most favorite desert... doughnuts! 

Speaking of my mom... She's kind of famous in the blog world (well, according to me she is!). She is also a very talented interior designer. Thank God! When it came to designing my place, all I wanted was to be in front of my computer designing things that actually made sense to me. Needless to say, interior design doesn't come natural to me (but i am learning!). It takes a special eye to work in 3D like that, and well, she has that special eye. Check out her work and her blog HERE

Enjoy the winter air my friends, and most importantly enjoy january!

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  1. Sarah...I love your blog and you are so creative and talented....I'm glad your sharing it with the world.