Monday, December 31, 2012

to new hobbies!

Oh, my sweet husband! He is so gracious when I need a model. We were driving back from Home Depot and came across this sweet storage unit with a pretty stellar graphic So, we made the stop and he patiently posed for me. I have really been enjoying photography lately and have been learning a lot. On Christmas day, my dad (who is the master of all photography, well at least to me!) gave me a lecture on composition, repetitive patterns, and of course lighting and something clicked! I had been enlightened friends! I instantly had a new hobby (I have wayyy to many.). The things I love about design are easily transferred into photography. So today, I lift my blue and white Toile mug of hot goodness to new hobbies! To new hobbies, and to Photography, and to very good looking models (aka husband).

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